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Alabama Football in the Old City: "From The Grapevine's" Benyamin Cohen takes a closer look

We've all seen or heard about the Crimson Tide shop in the bazaars of Jerusalem. Benyamin Cohen in "From The Grapevine" spoke with owner Dia Abdeen and took some fantastic pictures to boot.

Ed. Note: The following appeared in the June 22nd edition of "From The Grapevine," the online journal of Jewish culture, and was authored by Benyamin Cohen. The original article is linked above, and you can contact Benyamin on twitter at @BenyaminCohen.


The cognitive dissonance might stop any tourist in their tracks. Walk inside and you'll see Alabama magnets mixed in with more traditional gifts like fragments of Roman glass found in archaeological digs that have now been turned into jewelry.

Crimson Tide rolls worldwide | From the Grapevine

Manager Dia Abdeen greets visitors with the warmth and southern hospitality that is familiar to those who hail from the heart of Dixie.

"Roll Tide!" he shouts with gusto as visitors stream into his shop. So why did he decide to open an Alabama-themed outlet in the middle of the Mediterranean? Turns out, his brother was a student at the storied institution.

"My brother watches all of the games, and he's really very crazy," Abdeen says with a hearty laugh.


The rest of the story and more photos are available at "From the Grapevine." Check it out, and thanks to Zach and Beyamin for their permission to reprint this.  Roll Tide.