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Saban eviscerates Paul Finebaum as he all-but announces that there will be no suspensions

Put to bed any notion that Hootie Jones and Cam Robinson will miss any playing time.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Alabama v Michigan State Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

While Nick Saban did not address Cam Robinson during his scheduled remarks, he did address the matter with Finebaum and others on SEC Nation, about an hour after the live Q&A session.

In a nutshell, Saban pointed out (rightly) that there were many other facts and legal questions that the media and public were not privy to regarding the case (and that he was not at liberty to discuss.) Those factors went into the DA’s charging decision. Since the DA did not charge the two players, Saban would do what was in the best interest of the players, not in the best interest of his public relations.

When pressed as to whether or not the pair would be suspended (and goaded by Finebaum as to whether it was a bad look for the program or whether Saban would face criticism) Coach Saban snapped back,

"I don’t care what you think...They weren’t charged with a crime, so I’m not going to convict them in the public...I don’t really care about that (being criticized for not suspending them.) That’s the end of the topic."

Thus all-but ends the matter, with as emphatic a mic drop as you’ll get from the head man. Saban had one reference to the fact that the decision has not been made. But, the end of the quick interview made it clear that the decision is made (and, had SECN been paying attention the last month, they would have known this. Nothing Saban said today is new -- it was just said with more anger and finality.) So long as Hootie Jones and Cam Robinson comply with their internal discipline, and since there were no criminal charges, there will be no suspensions. Period.

Look for big ‘ole No. 74 in the Jerry Dome, Trojans. Keep your head on a swivel when running those routes, JuJu Smith.

Editor’s Note: Finebaum is intimating that Saban thinks this arrest was a setup or an inside job by LSU partisans. That is just purblind Pawwwwl lunacy and shit-stirring for the dumber bunch out there. A reasonable reading of Saban’s remarks is neither you, I, Paul or anyone outside of the legal system knows the evidence that goes into a DA’s charging decision or why a particular cop chooses to effect a stop or a search, who they choose to search, or who the officer chooses to arrest.