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Alabama OG Alphonse Taylor Arrested for DUI

Thanks, offseason.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Bad news out of Tuscaloosa today...

Alabama offensive lineman arrested, charged with DUI |

Alabama offensive guard Alphonse Taylor was arrested Sunday and charged with driving under the influence, according to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

Taylor had been in the doghouse due to his weight, and this certainly won't help in his quest to regain his starting spot. Not a good start to your senior campaign, Shank.


Ed. Note: An arrest for DUI is, oddly, actually easier to beat than you think. Whereas most offenses require a showing of probable cause for the arrest, DUI requires two showings: probable cause for the initial stop (unless it's a checkpoint,) and then probable cause for the offense. We don't have the police report with the reasons for the stop, and we don't know if Shank submitted to a field sobriety test and/or breathalyzer or blood draw. So, there is still some hope here. However, in my experience, most drunk dummies are pulled over for driving like an asshole, are reeking of booze during the stop, and then engage in some degree of stupid human tricks with the cops -- all of which provide PC for both the stop and arrest. As Josh says, not a good way to start a senior season. - Erik