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Saban gives Shank the hook: Alphonse Taylor indefinitely suspended from team

At first it looked like a first offense DUI, then more bad news came down the pipe.

Have a beer and a lil' debbie, Shank. You'll be on the bench a while.
Have a beer and a lil' debbie, Shank. You'll be on the bench a while.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A first offense DUI will earn you the dreaded Saban Internal Discipline; but, a DUI from a 5th-year senior that also includes a leaving the scene of an accident charge?

Yeah, that'll piss off the head man something fierce.

I'd have hated to be Shank on the leather sofa when he had that face-to-face with Coach Saban this morning.

Saban's statement is as terse as it is ominous:

Alabama indefinitely suspends starting lineman Alphonse Taylor – CollegeFootballTalk

"We are very disappointed any time a player makes a choice that leads to this kind of behavior," the head coach said in a statement. "We are still in the process of gathering all of the details on the situation, but from a football standpoint, Alphonse Taylor has been indefinitely suspended from the team."

Coming in overweight (again) and struggling to hold on to his job at right guard was already going to make fall camp difficult. Whether or not he is reinstated (and he probably will be, assuming we're not talking personal injuries and the like,) he may never start another game for the Crimson Tide.