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Jumbo Package: The end of summer is drawing near

Now can we PLEASE stop arguing about everything that isn't pure football.

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Alabama Football Schedule 2016: News, Roster, Early Prediction For The Upcoming Crimson Tide Season

LSU stands in Alabama’s way from winning the West, but the Tide should at least take solace in a relatively weak final three games ahead of the SEC Championship Game. Though the Iron Bowl can be hotly contested, Auburn doesn’t appear to be fully prepared to bounce back from a highly disappointing season. Three quarterbacks will compete for the starting job and the ground game lost its best asset when Peyton Barber bolted for the NFL.

The article gives a good overview of the Alabama squad and its upcoming schedule. While most of you RBR readers will already be well up to date on all of that info, there is one nugget of wisdom in here. The writers list Auburn as a "cooldown opponent for the SEC championship."

There are few things I love more than some good disrespect to the Barn.

Nick Saban does first Finebaum interview since dispute, explains suspension process |

"Well," Saban said, "We kinda do an assessment and an evaluation on every guy from a medical standpoint when we have an issue like this. And then there would be a protocol for what the guy has to go through relative to treatment. And this is all being done from a medical standpoint, not necessarily from a behavioral standpoint. When all that gets done, we kinda decide, OK, what has to be done from here and what's the best way to change behavior.

"But most of the time, when I'm talking about a guy being suspended, that does not really say that it's not going to involve a season, a game or something."

Saban went on to say the situation is a lot like parenting his own children. Sometimes they disappoint you. Saban also pointed out 98 percent of the players in the program are doing things right, but a small handful get the headlines when they find trouble.

Can we please just put this whole suspension thing to rest? Nobody can figure out any way to talk bad about the Crimson Tide unless it's to accuse Nick Saban of being an evil cheater for not kicking players off the team. You can argue the morals of tough love vs. mercy all day (and that's a very good subject to ponder in many stages of life), but please, if you want to argue football, let's stick to football.

Why 2 seemingly dead summer months could decide Alabama football fate |

"It's probably the time that I miss most," said McElroy, now an analyst on ESPN and the SEC Network. "That is when your team is built. You can talk about spring and fall camp. The team is built when they're away from the coaching staff. The team is built when you come together because you have a lot of free time."

This is a pretty cool interview with former Tide QB, Greg McElroy. He talks about the importance of the voluntary summer practice sessions that are completely devoid of coaching staff. He mentions that this is the time of year when the top quarterback will usually surface to take control of the 7-on-7 games that serve to get the players ready for fall camp and the freshmen acclimated with the team.

Scout Breaks Down Four-Star QB and Alabama Commit Tua Tagovailoa's Recent Showing at The Opening Finals - Alabama - Scout

He measured in at a very solid 6-foot-1, 212 pounds and has the strongest arm in this class. He throws the ball on an absolute rope and can fit the football in to tight windows that most of the other quarterbacks in this class would have no chance to complete. He showed great touch on the deep ball as well, was decisive in his reads and his accuracy and decision making continues to improve as well.

In addition to what he brings from a physical standpoint, Tagovailoa's leadership qualities are off the charts and he's a tremendous teammate as well. After every dropped ball from one of his receivers, Tagovailoa made a point to encourage his teammate with a pat on the head or a fist bump. He always looks poised in the pocket, never rattled and it will be very exciting to watch him develop over the next few years.

I REALLY hope this kid stays committed. He's going to be an absolute monster. Pair that with a 6'6" receiver that runs a 4.38 40 yard dash and the number one running back in the nation (Tyrell Shavers and Najee Harris), and this could be an absolutely and horrifically terrifying offense that strikes fear into the SEC in a few years.

Eddie Lacy prepares for Green Bay Packers' training camp with more work with P90X creator |

The Green Bay Packers report for training camp at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin, on Monday. One of initial items of interest will be running back Eddie Lacy's weight. After the 2015 season, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy called out the former Alabama standout over his weight. Lacy said that "was my wakeup call."

By all accounts, it seems as if Eddie Lacy has really put in some work this offseason. We've seen some occasional pictures on social media over the last half of a year that seemed to show Lacy with a much slimmer physique. It'll be interesting to see what weight he plays at in 2016. I have full faith that he will return to the form that won him NFL Rookie of the Year in 2013.