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44 Days ‘Til Kickoff: Lane Bearden — even our punters are mean.

You didn’t want to get hit by Number 44.

lane bearden RBR archives

Alabama’s Lane Bearden was not your ordinary kick specialist. If there were one word to describe the former tight end from Pelham, it’s certainly not one that normally comes to mind for punters.


Bearden punted through a season with a torn ACL, he made 11 tackles on kicks and punts, and, he memorably gave a South Carolina gunner the business, decleating him and then roughing him up when the Gamecock tried to get back off the ground.

Last season, we were fortunate to interview him, and he had some great things to say about the present Alabama specialists and playing in general.

Alabama: even our punters are mean.

44 days ‘til kickoff.

Roll Tide.