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42 Days 'Till Alabama Football Kickoff: Eddie Lacy

He was named after a button from a video game controller. What else is there to say?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Lacy committed to the Crimson Tide in the same 2009 class that also held All-World running back, Trent Richardson. As such, Lacy redshirted as a freshman and remained in Trent's shadow for three years. Then, in 2012, Eddie Lacy was handed the keys to the offense under new offensive coordinator Doug Nussemeier.

He responded to his 204 carries by rewarding the team with the flashiest 1322 yards and 17 touchdowns you'll ever see. At 230 pounds, Lacy juked, trucked, and spun his way into a second round draft pick by the Green Bay Packers.

After some initial ridicule that he got "too fat" during that first offseason, Lacy came back and won NFL Rookie of the Year in 2013, and then he posted even better numbers in 2014. Offseason injuries led to poor conditioning in 2015, and he ended up missing bits and pieces of the season while posting a relatively disappointing stat line. However, all accounts indicate that he is back into playing shape this summer, and will be ready to go come fall.

From as early as high school, Lacy was affectionately nicknamed "Circle Button," the button one presses on a PlayStation controller when playing either Madden or NCAA Football games to cause the running back to spin. And boy did Lacy live up to that name. It seemed he spun at least once every single time he carried the ball. This led to some amazing highlights and iconic moments in his lone season as a starter.

Who could forget his monstrous SEC championship game against Georgia? Or the time that Texas A&M was completely unable to stop him (but our own offensive coordinator did instead). His biggest moment, though, was his last with the Tide. Eddie Lacy wrote himself into Alabama lore with his pure dominance against Notre Dame in the national championship. He repeatedly humiliated All-Media linebacker, Manti Teo, on many occasions. He even scored on a trademarked double spin move.

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