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Report: DB Tony Brown To Be Suspended Four Games by NCAA

Not ideal, but at least we know...

No, that's five, Coach.
No, that's five, Coach.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama DB Tony Brown's NCAA suspension expected to be reduced |

Alabama defensive back Tony Brown's NCAA suspension is expected to be reduced from six games to four, sources told The junior's suspension stems from something that happened leading up to the Tide's Cotton Bowl matchup against Michigan State in late December.

This is an odd headline since I never saw the six games reported, but at least we now have an idea. Tony clearly did something to affect his amateur status last December.

Update: Our sources have confirmed that Brown failed a drug test leading up to the playoff game against Michigan State. NCAA rules apparently stipulate that he can participate in sports other than the one for which he was tested. Totally logical as usual:

Nick Saban questions NCAA drug testing procedures |

"At NCAA individual/team championships events," the rule book states, "selection of student-athletes may be based on competitive ranking, random selection, position of finish, or other NCAA-approved selection method."

Saban went on to call the current drug testing structure "punitive" when there should be more attention spent on treatment for issues. "Let me ask you the question," Saban said. "What good does it do for a guy who got tested in December to suspend him six games next September? Is this changing behavior?"

A positive drug test administered by the NCAA carries a year suspension for PEDs. For "street drugs," it's a half season -- six games for football.

Guess we should have put two and two together, eh?