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Hard Proof: Auburn Cares Only About Beating Alabama

A simple graphic shows the stark contrast between these programs. “Little Brother Syndrome” defined.

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

As you may know, the SEC Network is currently in the midst of a “takeover” series where each school gets its own day to choose programming dedicated to its most classic moments. Alabama’s day is this Sunday, July 31 (set your DVRs accordingly), while Auburn already had theirs on Sunday the 24th.

Good friend C.J. Schexnayder, otherwise known as kleph, noticed a stark difference in the programming between the two schools and sent us this graphic:

You may note that Alabama has dedicated not one moment to wins over Auburn - in any sport. It seems that the Crimson Tide has bigger fish to fry. On the other hand Auburn, in the most Auburn way possible, has dedicated a full eight hours to wins over Alabama, including (snicker) 60 percent of its most memorable football games.

That’s right, folks. Three of the five greatest football memories Auburn fans cling to are wins over the Crimson Tide. Alabama cares about championships, Auburn cares about beating Alabama.

In the words of kleph, “Bless their hearts.”