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Report: Alphonse Taylor Had No Alcohol In His System

This is turning out to be a strange story.

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Some interesting new information has emerged regarding Alphonse Taylor’s DUI arrest:

Taylor tested negative for alcohol at DUI stop

According to documents requested by The Tuscaloosa News and provided by the Tuscaloosa Office of the City Attorney, Taylor called Tuscaloosa Police at 8:50 a.m. that Sunday to report that he had struck a vehicle in the parking lot.

"I immediately noticed that Taylor's speech was very slow and he appeared lethargic," the responding officer wrote in the arrest report. "Taylor advised that he had not been drinking, he did not take medication and had no medical problems."

The officer wrote that Taylor was reclining in his 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe when he arrived. Taylor told the officer that he had bumped his head on the steering wheel. The 911 call taker who dispatched the officer to the accident reported that Taylor was very difficult to understand.

"While I was speaking with him, I observed him drop his phone on the ground between his feet," the officer wrote. "Taylor struggled and swayed to retrieve his phone."

Taylor was arrested, and provided two breath samples at 9:19 a.m. The tests showed that he had a 0.0 blood alcohol content.

So, he left the scene of an accident after calling to report it, stated that he had hit his head on the steering wheel during said accident, and had literally zero alcohol in his system. It sounds very likely that a head injury could be to blame for his lack of coordination. His attorney already mentioned the possibility.

It’s obviously still early, but Shank may too have a chance to avoid prosecution.