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Alabama heavy favorite to win the West, SEC. Tennessee is the darling of the East.

Alabama comes in as a tremendous Vegas favorite. The oddsmakers love the Vawls out of the East.

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This offseason, more and more writers have been decrying the inevitability of the Alabama machine, half-propping up / half-wistfully hoping that either Tennessee or LSU will knock Saban off the Tide’s high horse.

Still, Vegas is definitely not buying the "anyone but ‘Bama" narrative. The preliminary odds are out, and Alabama is the overwhelming favorite to take the SEC crown. Both the Tide and Vawls are better than even money to take their respective divisions (4/5 odds,) with LSU and Tennessee equally favored behind the Tide to win the SEC (7/2.) Interestingly, the next closest contender Vegas sees is Georgia. The Dawgs are a respectable 2/1 to take the East, but just 9/1 to win the Conference

From Bovada, here are the complete SEC odds:

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the SEC East Division

Tennessee                               4/5

Georgia                                    2/1

Florida                                      9/2

Missouri                                    16/1

Kentucky                                  25/1

South Carolina                        25/1

Vanderbilt                                 25/1

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the SEC West Division

Alabama                                   4/5

LSU                                         9/4

Auburn                                      7/1

Ole Miss                                   12/1

Arkansas                                  14/1

Texas A&M                               14/1

Mississippi State                   20/1

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the SEC Championship

Alabama                                 7/4

LSU                                         7/2

Tennessee                              7/2

Georgia                                    9/1

Ole Miss                                   10/1

Texas A&M                               16/1

Auburn                                      18/1

Florida                                      18/1

Arkansas                                  20/1

Kentucky                                  50/1

Missouri                                    50/1

Mississippi State                       50/1

South Carolina                          66/1

Vanderbilt                                 100/1