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Roll ‘Bama Roll is now on 1490 Fox Sports Radio weekly.

We’re pumped about this and hope you enjoy!

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In California's Bay Area Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We are very pleased to announce that beginning today at 4:20 pm. Central we’ll be starting an exciting new chapter: Roll ‘Bama Roll will be making a weekly appearance on 1490 Fox Sports Radio in the Pensacola area.

We’ll be discussing Alabama football, the SEC, and generally other topics in the college football world. I think you’ll like today’s show: specifically, we’re going to cover key position battles and the Harbaugh-Saban beef — if it even exists.

1490FSR has a dedicated player on its website, located here.

You can also listen live on TuneIn radio, via either your computer or the handy app. That link is right here.

We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you then. Roll Tide.