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8 Days ‘Till Alabama Football Kickoff: Julio Jones


Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I could say a lot here. Julio Jones was the first big name recruit for Nick Saban, and is still the most important. His arrival at Alabama was a direct signaling that the Tide was about to become a legitimate program again.

From his first day on campus, Julio was the best receiver in the room, and within only games, it was a foregone conclusion that he would be a top-15 draft pick in three years. Yet, despite all of that, he maintained a quiet humility and relentless work ethic over the years.

Not only was he a tremendously talented and physically gifted (6’3” 220 and run a sub 4.40 forty yard dash), but he became well known as the best blocking receiver around. In a passing offense, Julio likely could have broken NCAA records. Instead, he worked his tail off to become the best blocker he could while running back Mark Ingram went on to win a Heisman.

I could say a lot here, but instead, I’ll leave you with some video memories of the man who has now become arguably the best receiver in the entire world.