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Depth Chart Released: Bateman and Barnett Battling at QB

It's a two-horse race, just not the one that everyone thought.

We're sorry for counting you out, Blake. Really.
We're sorry for counting you out, Blake. Really.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As promised, the depth chart for USC was released today, and the QB picture is down to two per Saban:

Virtually everyone who saw the open parts of practice came away thinking that Jalen Hurts was legitimately in the mix. Saban said that he has a great furture, but that Barnett and Bateman were the two guys they are going to be working with.

Here is the rest of the depth chart. There are few surprises, though there is a mild one on the OL where Ross Pierschbacher has moved to right guard while Bozeman handles center.