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4 Days 'Till Alabama Football Kickoff: Scott Cochran


You don't ever want to be the man who quit.
You don't ever want to be the man who quit.
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Alabama does things a bit differently than other schools. This is a place where linemen are rockstars, where running back coaches are minor deities, and where routine offseason strength and conditioning has become the byword for the entire program: The fourth quarter program

In the last, we owe that identity to Strength and Conditioning Coach, Scott Cochran.

Few S&C coordinators in the country can boast his salary ($525,000,) an appearance on 60 Minutes, and an entire bevy of shrieking, cursing, taunting tribute videos as he leads the players in their pregame stretches. He also has the unemviable task of being the "get back" coach -- that thankless person on the staff who has to wrangle Nick Saban off the field, and shepherd the team into the locker room.

The cult hero even has his own hype video at Bryant-Denny Stadium. And, this is how cult heroes are born: Organically, through fan appreciation.

The quotable, but often indecipherable, Cochran has had many gems throughout the years. But, his players say it the best:

You stay bought into it when you see your opponent sucking air and physically failing and you're still fit and ready and you know you own his ass. You know Coach Cochran was right all along and you don't ever want to be that man

Four days until another opponent fails, and is sucking air.

Four days until kickoff. Four days until another funeral.

Roll Tide.