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Kenny Stabler to be enshrined in NFL Hall of Fame today

And, it's about time the Snake took his place in Canton.

Michael Cohen/Getty Images

Today Alabama and Raiders legend Kenny "Snake" Stabler will get his bust and long-past due recognition in the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. This was an honor long-past due, and it's a pity he had to make it into Canton on a posthumous Old Timers ballot. But, better late than never for the consummate gentleman, clutch player and hellraiser from Foley.

When Stabler passed last summer, we did several tributes to him. You can check those out here:

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RIP, Snake.

On the eve of his enshrinement, ESPN has also written one helluva' long form on Kenny Stabler. You should definitely check it out, but John Madden's description summarizes his "ultimate badass."

Ken Stabler epitomized 'badass' Oakland Raiders of the 1970s - Oakland Raiders Blog- ESPN

“In the big games, he was big,” Madden said in a halftime ceremony honoring the late Stabler last season at Coliseum. “In the tough games, he was tough. The hot games, you know, when it really got heated? He was the coolest guy on the field. And I always said that if I had one quarterback to make a drive the length of a field at the end of the game, to win that game, that guy would be Ken Stabler. No. 12. The Snake. “Thanks for the memories. We miss you, we love you, and we’ll see you in the Hall of Fame.”

The ceremony will take place today where, fittingly, a character that was very Snake-like, Packers' legend Brett Favre, will take his yellow jacket alongside the Stabler family:

2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies: How to watch live on TV, stream -

When: Saturday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m. ET

Where: Canton, Ohio


Network Stream: NFL Mobile app on smartphones; NFL Mobile and Watch NFL Network apps on tablets; on PCs; your Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, or PS4

Congratulations, Kenny. You're still loved and you earned this one.