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Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Kent State Golden Flashes open thread

It's early, y'all.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Team Losses Remaining Games of Note Chaos Scenario
Alabama 0 @Aub, UGA-SECCG Auburn magic football bounce (FLAGGED!)
Clemson 1 @SC, Mia-ACCCG* Winning in Columbia is no gimme.
Georgia 1 UK, @GaT, SECCG* One more reg season loss might do it.
Miami 0 Uva, @Pitt, Clem-ACCCG* Is a letdown on the horizon?
Oklahoma 1 WVU, B12CG Likely rematch with TCU in the B12CG.
Wisconsin 0 Mich, B1GCG* Two loseable games.
Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying
Ohio State 2 Illin', @Mich, Wisc-B1GCG Good chance to win out, but will need some help.
Penn State 2 Nebr, @Maryland, Wisc-B1GCG Win out, hope OSU slips up.
Auburn 2 Alabama, UGA-SECCG (flagged!) Win out (flagged!) and pray.
Southern Cal 2 UCLA, PACCG* Lotsa praying.
Okie State 2 K-State, Kansas Only a WVU upset of Okie will crack the door.
TCU 2 @TexTech, Baylor, B12CG Will have find a way to beat Okie and pray.
Michigan 2 @Wisc, OSU, Wisc-B1GCG Not bloody likely.
Notre Dame 2 Navy, @Stanford No championship game puts them behind the 8-ball.
Washington 2 Utah, Wazzu, PACCG Severe longshot.
Wazzu 2 @Washington, PACCG Behind the severe longshot.
*Clinched Division