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Alabama Football 2016: Crimson Power Rankings- Week 4

After a snoozer against Kent State, not much has changed

NCAA Football: Kent State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

With the game easily in hand, no one player especially stood out, aside from flashes from some of those who usually spend most of their time on the bench. The Tide defense is still exceptional, and the offense is talented, if a bit discombobulated still.

As the season continues, we’ll have more data points to determine exactly just how good any given player is, and there will be less and less volatility as time goes on. And that is compounded in easy wins like this where every single player plays well.

The Crimson Power Rankings

  1. DE- Jonathan Allen (1)
  2. WLB- Reuben Foster (2)
  3. JACK- Tim Williams (3)
  4. WR- Calvin Ridley (4)
  5. P- J.K Scott (8)
  6. S- Eddie Jackson (6)
  7. CB- Marlon Humphrey (7)
  8. CB/STAR- Minkah Fitzpatrick (9)
  9. LT- Cam Robinson (11)
  10. SLB- Ryan Anderson (5)
  11. DT- Da’Ron Payne (16)
  12. WR- ArDarius Stewart (12)
  13. DE- Dalvin Tomlinson (10)
  14. TE- O.J. Howard (NR)
  15. MLB- Shaun Hamilton (14)
  16. LG- Ross Pierschbacher (13)

The best of the best

The top four spots, consisting of Jonathan Allen, Reuben Foster, Tim Williams, and Calvin Ridley remain unchanged from last week. Allen continues to dominate at the line of scrimmage, Foster is still removing souls from bodies, linemen have to resort to holding on almost every play to slow down Williams, and Calvin Ridley is Calvin Ridley.

That punter, though

Right on the heels of the top four is punter J.K. Scott. He launches 50 yard bombs with ease, his average only hindered by the fact that he has to hold back on many of his punts to keep them from going out the back of the endzone. Aside from his one inexplicable shank against Ole Miss, the junior has looked even better than he did during his outstanding freshman year.

Biggest Risers

Da’Ron Payne has really shot up the boards. Despite being a nose tackle in a world of nickel and dime defenses, he routinely stays on the field and makes an impact. He’s huge, fast, and just a pure difference maker along the interior.

O.J. Howard has been volatile all season long, but leaped back onto the list this week with a couple of very impressive catches and a full day of outstanding blocking.

Furthest Fallers

Ryan Anderson has played quite well all season, but he hasn’t made enough of an impact to be in the very upper echelon of players on this team. He hasn’t made any mistakes to drop himself, but he just hasn’t been the weapon thus far I had thought he would be.

Dalvin Tomlinson fell three spots this week. Overall, he played well for most of the game, but like Anderson, he hasn’t made a whole lot of plays. Plus, he was the one blown out of the hole on that first 40-yard run by Kent State.

So close...

The freshmen, Jonah Williams and Jalen Hurts, are both very near being on the list. Jonah has been tremendous at times, but marred by the expected freshman mistakes. The same goes for Hurts, who is one good passing game away from shooting his way up the rankings.

Damien Harris probably should be there, but the injury may keep him out for a while. In his stead, it looks like freshman Joshua Jacobs just might pick up the slack and run his way in.

Anthony Averrett has also quietly been doing better and better every game. After being the target of choice for QBs in the first two weeks, he’s barely been targeted at all the last two.

What are your thoughts?

Should Jalen Hurts be above someone on this list? Does Ross Pieschbacher deserve his spot? How would you change the rankings?