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Southern Cal Trojans vs Alabama Crimson Tide Open Game Thread

The quest for #17 begins tonight.

Reuben is ready. Are you?
Reuben is ready. Are you?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Back in January, the Crimson Tide won the program's 16th National Championship. As Nick Saban is wont to remind us, that was last year. This year is a different season and a different year. Yet, I cannot help but see echoes of last season's team in Calvin Ridley, O.J. Howard, Cam Robinson, pretty much the whole defense and many others.

Alabama is the preseason number one ranked team and will face the troubled Southern Cal Trojans in Arlington, Texas. Jerry World should be a familiar place to many Tide players and personnel, seeing how they played two games in the Dallas Cowboys' stadium this past season - an opening 35-17 win over Wisconsin Badgers and a 38-0 rout over the Michigan State Spartans in the College Football Playoff.

For those of you new to RBR, we always start our Open Threads off with a "ROLL TIDE!"

(Please no pictures or gifs. They will be deleted.)

WR-X 1 Foster, Robert JR/2 3 Ridley, Calvin SO/1 80 Falkins, Raheem SR/2
WR-Z 13 Stewart, ArDarius JR/2 17 Sims, Cam JR2 81 Kief, Derek RS SO/1
WR-H 3 Ridley, Calvin SO/1 14 Dieter, Gehrig RS SR/TR/1 17 Sims, Cam JR2
LT 74 Robinson, Cam JR/2 77 Womack, Matt RS FR
LG 66 Cotton, Lester SO/1 59 Warmack, Dallas SO/1 56 Kennedy, Brandon RS FR
OC 75 Bozeman, Bradley JR/2 63 Hassenauer, J.C. JR/2 67 Casher, Josh RS SO
RG 71 Pierschbacher, Ross RS SO/1 50 Taylor, Alphonse SR/3 56 Kennedy, Brandon RS FR
RT 73 Williams, Jonah FR 78 Kirven, Korren SR/3
TE 84 Hentges, Hale SO/1 89 Greene, Brandon SR/3
TE/H 88 Howard, O.J. SR/3 87 Forristall, Miller FR 82 Smith, Irvin FR
QB 18 Bateman, Cooper JR/2 6 Barnett, Blake RS FR 2 Hurts, Jalen FR
RB 9 Scarbrough, Bo SO/1 34 Harris, Damien SO1 6 Emmons, B.J. FR
DE 93 Allen, Jonathan SR/3 9 Hand, Da'Shawn JR/2
NG 94 Payne, Da'Ron SO/1 69 Frazier, Josh JR/2
DE 54 Tomlinson, Dalvin SR/3 94 Ball, Dakota SR2
JACK 56 Williams, Tim SR/3 33 Jennings, Anfernee RS SO 24 Hall, Terrell FR
SLB 22 Anderson, Ryan SR/3 47 Miller, Christian RS SO/1 16 Mosley, Jamey RS SO
MLB 20 Hamilton, Shaun Dion JR/2 42 Holcombe, Keith RS SO/1
WLB 10 Foster, Reuben SR/3 32 Evans, Rashaan JR/2 3 Wilson, Mack FR
CB 29 Fitzpatrick, Minkah SO/1 5 Carter, Shyheim FR 44 Wallace, Levi JR
SS 4 Jackson, Eddie SR/3 6 Jones, Laurence JR/2
FS 15 Harrison, Ronnie SO/1 14 Thompson, Deionte RS FR
CB 26 Humphrey, Marlon RS SO/1 28 Averett, Anthony JR/2
STAR 29 Fitzpatrick, Minkah SO/1 5 Carter, Shyheim FR
P 15 Scott, JK JR/2
PK 99 Griffith, Adam SR/3 92 Pappanastos, Andy RS JR/TR
LS 55 Mazza, Cole SR/3
H 18 Bateman, Cooper JR/2
PR 3 Ridley, Calvin SO/1 7 Diggs, Trevon FR
KR 13 Stewart, ArDarius JR/2 7 Diggs, Trevon FR 19 Marks, Xavian SO/1
KO 99 Griffith, Adam SR/3 92 Pappanastos, Andy RS JR/TR