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Who Needs a Blogpoll: Week One -- meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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Guess who's number one. Okay, don't. Guess who's number two.


Alabama Crimson Tide



Ohio State Buckeyes



Michigan Wolverines



Clemson Tigers



Florida State Seminoles



Houston Cougars



TCU Horned Frogs



Stanford Cardinal



Georgia Bulldogs



Texas Longhorns



Texas A&M Aggies



Louisville Cardinals



Wisconsin Badgers



Tennessee Volunteers



Washington Huskies



Notre Dame Fighting Irish



LSU Tigers



Iowa Hawkeyes



Michigan State Spartans



Ole Miss Rebels



UCLA Bruins



Oklahoma Sooners



Boise State Broncos



UNC Tarheels



Florida Gators


* The WNABP will not be ranking Baylor at any point this season.

Top 10: Well, we have a body of work for most of these teams. Many are obvious: Alabama is the best team in the nation with tons of room to grow. UGA looked really damned good against a dangerous, high scoring UNC squad. Clemson dominated a game on the Plains in every way but the scoreboard, in part thanks to the coaching. Dabo Swinney is going to cost the Tigers a game somewhere this year though (#NeverDabo.) Naturally, there is to be some fluidity and perceived overreaction after just one week. That said, the Ohio State Buckeyes are young and talented and potentially terrifying. The growth of  Barrett's passing chops gives them the nod over Michigan, which is a thresher on defense and on the ground, but with just a serviceable passing attack. Finally, re: Houston. Look at that schedule and tell me who's beating the Cougars now? The AAC looks to be very down this year, and the Cougs should breeze into playoff consideration (but more than likely a New Year's Six bowl.) Florida State's Deondre Francois is special. By the second quarter, he was composed, dealing dimes, and making smart plays with the ball. He makes good decisions and is super accurate. Gotta contain that kid, or he'll light you up with his feet as well. And, all that said, I still think the Bucks and Wolverines are better than FSU right now.

Middle of the pack: Louisville is going to beat the hell out of many teams in the ACC this year. I'm not saying it'll happen, but circle that one against the 'Noles, for instance. Washington's young skills players looked great this weekend to go along with a defense that is every bit as good as expected. Tennessee is here because I hate the WRs, I don't trust the passing attack, the coaching is dreadful, and that revamped OL has serious issues. This team may lose three-four games again. We don't know how good Iowa and Sparty are, so bottom third seems fair for now. (Iowa dismantled its patsy though, collecting THREE targeting penalties in the process. LOL) Notre Dame and Texas played some terrible football en rout to a wonderful game. The two QB system has to go, Brian Kelly: Kizer is your guy.

Bottom five: Florida, that UMass game was dreadful, go  SEC. Boise State went on the road, with an all-sophomore skills set, and absolutely demolished a team in their punching class talent-wise. Harsin's team is physical, pounds the rock, and has rediscovered both their defense and a passing game. Goodness, that was impressive. Ole Miss: Top 10 team for a quarter, 7-5 team the rest of the way. Depth, the LBs, two bad injuries, piss poor defensive coaching, lack of a running game, and a rebuilt secondary make this team 8-4ish at best this year. Still, that's good enough to have Alabama's attention in two weeks.