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Blogger Q&A with Towel Rack: We explain why Western Kentucky is dooooooooomed.

Check out The Towel Rack, a smart Western Kentucky blog, for the full article.

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This is just a snippet of the return Q&A we did with The Towel Rack. I wasn't fluffing them either. I think we all know what the Toppers can do and we respect them; and we're not nearly as driven as Nick Saban.

Pay them a visit at: The Towel Rack. You can follow them on twitter at @TheTowelRackWKU.

The Towel Rack: Following the Tide’s demolishing over USC, Saban said "we have a lot of work to do." What on Earth is there possibly to improve upon?

Erik Evans: Don’t let the final score confuse you, the Tide need some work. The offensive line in particular was unsteady, with center Bradley Bozeman not having his best day. It’s not that the line was bad, per se. But, as players recognized, it was not their best day either, particularly in consistently opening holes against a fast, active USC front for the running game. Obviously, the young pair of QBs need more reps too, and WKU should see both on Saturday.

Here is your complete story. Give them some well-deserved traffic: Talking Toppers With Erik Evans Of Roll 'Bama Roll