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Nick Saban's First Alabama Press Conference, 2007

'Member 2007?

The Process has begun.
The Process has begun.

Does it feels funny to be nostalgic about 2007? It was only ten years ago. Everyone had cell phones. Peyton Manning was winning a Super Bowl. The biggest celebrity death was Anna Nicole Smith.

Has that much changed in ten years?

Well, maybe Nick Saban's hair was a little thicker but little else has changed about the message he wants to exhort to the multitudes.

Burton Burns* - Associate Head Coach Running Backs
Joe Pendry - Assistant Head Coach- Offense /Offensive Line
Kirby Smart - Assistant Head Coach- Defense /Secondary
Major Applewhite - Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Kevin Steele - Defensive Coordinator/Inside Linebackers
Curt Cignetti - Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator
Ron Middleton - Tight Ends/Special Teams
Bo Davis - Defensive Line
Lance Thompson - Outside Linebackers

* Still on staff.