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Jumbo Package: Hand Reportedly Out 3-4 Weeks

Sounds like good news for the Alabama DE.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, everyone. Our thoughts are obviously with those who were affected by the unspeakable act in Las Vegas last night. It’s impossible to imagine what those 50 families are going through right now. Just another reminder that life is fleeting, folks. Cherish those you love.

Obviously we are here to talk about Alabama football, and that’s what we shall do, starting with the top question on everyone’s minds:

Sprained MCL seems to be the consensus, with a typical 3-4 week recovery time. That should put Hand back on the field in time for the LSU game on November 4. Great news if that turns out to be the case.

One of the mantras in coaching is, "KYP."

It's an acronym for the slogan, "Know Your Personnel."

Well, Saban does.

And that's among the primary reasons why Alabama keeps winning.

Very interesting piece here that offers a glimpse into Saban’s role in the offense. He trusts his OCs to form the game plan, but somewhat dictates which players are to be featured.

A third-straight three-and-out to start the game for the Alabama defense produced the Crimson Tide's first non-offensive touchdown of the 2017 season. Wallace wasn't done, either, as he would add another pick of Patterson in the third quarter. Ole Miss entered the game averaging 427 passing yards per contest. In going 0 for 15 on possession plays in the game, the Rebels were limited to 165 passing yards by Wallace and Co. in Tuscaloosa.

Levi Wallace has been a godsend in the secondary this season. Whoda thunk it?

Jalen Hurts is not even a year and a half into his Alabama career, but he’s already on pace to rewrite some of the Crimson Tide’s history books. Hurts has accounted for 46 total touchdowns to this point. That’s only 12 behind John Parker Wilson, who sits at No. 2 on the all-time list.

Hurts should pass Wilson at some point this season, and barring something unforeseen, he’ll pass AJ McCarron’s total of 80 in the No. 1 spot by next year.

Hurts is the first true, modern era dual threat QB that Alabama has had. Guys who can run and throw will often rewrite the record books where TDs are concerned.

Instantly mobbed by teammates in the end zone, the crowd grew beyond the 10 teammates on the field for the play. Starters on defense like Hootie Jones, Ronnie Harrison and Shaun Dion Hamilton ran over for a helmet slap or two.

Clark tore his achilles tendon during his redshirt season in 2014. Two years later, he tore the other one in spring practice.

Coming back in the fall, Clark played both safety and running back. Carries totaled nine in 2016 while gaining 34 yards.

Clark is one of the great stories on the roster. Congratulations to him.

A player of few words, Hurts spoke at length of the impact Pruitt had on his life.

“Cam, I met him last year, but in the last two weeks, I’ve probably went to visit him four to five times,” Hurts said after Saturday’s game. “I built a relationship with him. I always give him my earrings, always give him the sweatband that I have and I wear just to show that I’m playing for him and he’s on my mind, for sure. He was a strong kid, and he taught him a lot.

“When I’m down or something or something’s on my mind, just be strong and get through it because Cam did it. So, why can’t I?”

We root for some quality young men, folks.

"The game atmosphere was crazy. Even though it was a game weekend I was able to spend a lot of time with Coach Saban and some other coaches.

"They have the recipe for winning down pat!"

In addition to the game and meetings with the coaching staff, the 6-foot-3, 221-pound Fields toured the campus, had academic meetings and ate breakfast at Saban's house.

"Coach Saban's system sets players up for success when football is over," Fields said. "Coach Daboll's offensive mind, that gets you ready for the next level. The players were cool. We hung out a lot."

Sounds like the nation’s top QB was impressed. The competition for him is going to be fierce, and most consider this one to be an uphill battle considering the youth on the roster. As we reported over the weekend, a plethora of top targets were present for the blowout. Should go a long way to securing another elite class.

Alabama opened as a 23-point favorite over Texas A&M, according to VegasInsider.

The Aggies have posted a 4-1 (2-0 SEC) record to begin the season, recently defeating South Carolina, 24-17, in College Station, Texas -- where the Week 6 game will take place.

The Aggies are certainly more talented than Vanderbilt and aren’t the dumpster fire that we saw on Saturday night. It’s hard to sell this game as any sort of test, but the Tide might actually get a little resistance from them anyway.

That’s about it for today. Have a great week.

Roll Tide.