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Tennessee at Alabama second half open thread

21-0 at half. One more to go before I don’t have to see that puke orange anymore

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The Alabama defense has totally smothered the Vols already putrid offense, and QB Jarrett Guarantano has spend most of the day on his back.

Offensively, the Tide has been a bit listless, but has been consistently, if not explosively, moving the ball. Jalen Hurts has been more inaccurate than usual, though his completions have all been good throws, completing 9/17 passes for 144 yards. He hasn’t been able to get anywhere scrambling either.

Bo Scarbrough has been mostly shut down, except when it’s 4th and 1 on the goal line, where he has twice turned into a human missile for a leaping score.

Damien Harris has been nothing short of excellent, slipping through holes, cutting on dimes, and running through defenders to the tune of 11 carries for 55 yards. Josh Jacobs is getting more involved as well, and has an explosive run and a catch so far, while also blocking some fools as a lead back.

The Tennessee defense has been playing very physically, and quite a few Bama players have been injured (no cheap shots or anything, just hard hits). Cam Sims hit the ground hard on deep ball, and looked to have a concussion. It was reported he was ruled okay to play, but he has not been back in. Calvin Ridley took a shot to the thigh in the endzone, and the pain was enough for him to drop the ball. No word on him yet.

Rashaan Evans also took a hit to the head, but came back in the next drive and finished out the half.

Here’s to hoping Ridley and Sims are okay.

Now let’s get back out there and continue shutting out the Vols.

Roll Tide!