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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 8

This week featured a good mix of everything. We had some solid quotes, highlights and, of course, memes.

Dad.... is that you?

Your favorite roundup of all the biggest noteworthy items from this week of college football is here once again. Let’s dive in.

Quote of the Week

Mike Leach doesn’t like soft players. He even made them do down-ups on the sideline. I aspire to being this level of curmudgeonly one day.

Fire Butch Jones

The Tennessee faithful is chanting it, loud and proud.

Best Sideline Trophy

The U is just having fun with it now.

Did he Just...

Yep, he legit just punched that player.

Double Birds

Congrats on that TD number 7.

Pac-12 After Dark

Can’t say I have ever seen that one before.

Rammer Jammer

Time for that victory Cigar!

Tebow Time

Much respect for you, Tim.


Whatever helps you get that first down.

That’s Not Ideal

Kansas, stick to basketball.

Pop Culture Meets CFB

I personally loved this one.

Gameday Sign

Millions of Americans suffer every year from identity theft.

Wake up!

New Mexico and CFB is not exactly the best mix.