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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 9

Week 9 of College Football won’t exactly be remembered for its best matchups. A lot of ugly football, so hey, there must be some good laughs.

WVU lost, but its fans sure still had fun

By this time, you guys should know what this segment is all about. Let’s jump right in.

Best Quote

Michigan finally put in the redshirt freshman QB Brandon Peters, and let’s just say Michigan fans are pretty excited (more on that later).

Big Man TD

Just look how happy he is!


Never stop dreaming, kids.

SEC Coaches

Darth Sidious is never wrong. Also — Nick Saban you can stay.

Move Those Feet!

That right there is a working man’s 7 yard run.


That defender really wishes nobody saw that. Sorry.

We Want Bama

Penn State down, ISU up.

Toe Dancing

That my friend, is a very good tweet.

Ivy League Madness

The Ivy league, it just means more.

Michigan’s QB Situation

Freshman in, senior out. Michigan fans are happy.

Take Me With You!

There was no stopping him.

Fake Injury Alert!

As long as the officials buy it, you’re good.

Gameday Sign

OSU making sure this sign stays true for at least another year.

Surrender Cobra x2

Perfect form.

<p zoompage-fontsize="16">And, lo, Surrender Cobras descended upon the land.