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Alabama Hockey to benefit cancer research in the October Saves Goalie Challenge


Alabama Hockey Club (c)

The Alabama Hockey season is just getting under way. We have a few pieces coming out over the next two weeks regarding the club. But, let’s get on the ground floor of this, the October Saves Goalie Challenge.

Per the press release from Brian Ogden Director of Communications, Alabama Hockey:

PELHAM, Ala. –

The Alabama hockey program will participate in the October Saves Goalie Challenge to benefit cancer research. The team’s three goalies, Jesse Gordichuk, Garret Kingsbury and Sam Schilling have all registered to raise money for the event.

During the event, goalies solicit pledges from family, friends, teammates and others for each save they make, with all funds going to cancer research institutions: Inova, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Stand Up To Cancer and the Goalie Guild. All donations are tax deductible. The top goalies in actual donations will be eligible to win prizes, and, for a cash-strapped program something better, playing equipment.

For many on the team, the drive is personal:

“Obviously, cancer is something that has impacted many people’s lives,” head coach Kyle Richards said. “It wasn’t breast cancer, but other forms of cancer have taken loved ones from me, and I’ve had immediate family members beat it. It means a great deal to myself and our program to do what we can to help raise money for such a great cause. Hopefully, we can raise a lot of money. I know we have the goalies to make the saves.”

* * *

“My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor,” Kingsbury said. “Thanks to the awareness and medical advancements that come from charities like this, doctors were able to find the cancer early enough to remove it before the tumor became more serious. She is currently cancer free. Challenges like this give people like me that much more reason to play and ultimately raise money and awareness for a great cause.”

For more information on the Alabama Hockey program, follow the team on Twitter at @AlabamaHockey or online at

To make a pledge or donate please visit each goalie’s page at the links below (AOL users, copy and paste the links):

Jesse Gordichuk:

Garret Kingsbury:

Sam Schilling: