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College Football Playoff Committee Rankings open thread: WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME!

So many people are gonna’ be mad, y’all


Alright, y’all. Here it is. The first playoff committee meeting rankings of the year. Will Georgia leap Alabama? Was the committee more impressed with Ohio State than Oklahoma’s win? What about Notre Dame? It kicks off at 6:00 CST on ESPN.

While you’re waiting, get caught up on our bye week CFP round tables and the meet the committee:

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Earlier this morning, I took a tally of the plausible Top 6, and how we thought the Committee would rank them, 1-4 and then the next two out:

Josh: Georgia Alabama Ohio State Notre Dame Clemson Oklahoma

Erik: Alabama Georgia Oklahoma Notre Dame Ohio State Clemson

CB: Alabama Georgia Ohio State Clemson Oklahoma Notre Dame

Brent: Alabama Georgia Ohio State Notre Dame Miami Washington

Leave yours below. You have 20 minutes!