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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 6

The long lost choke sign from Michigan State and a great slate of College Gameday signs. This week was a good one.

FSU has fallen way off the radar since their preseason hype.

The weekly roundup of the best moments, tweets, memes and news from College Football. Hope you guys enjoy the read.

Superfan of the Week

They sure like to have down there in South Beach.

Quote of the Week

This is peak Saban isn’t it?

Award for Creativity

Got ‘em!

Don’t Go There..

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Was he Even Watching the Same Game?

Keith Jackson wouldn’t be impressed.

Jimi Hendrix Award

Leg guitar > air guitar

ISU Flag Plant

Karma man, karma.

C’mon Man

Oregon’s unis: most overrated thing in college football, ever.

Baylor Takes the L

Baylor just can’t get a break, even on the bye week.

Game. Set. Match.

Choke sign is back!

12th Man

Didn’t know Jesus was a fan of the Aggies.