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Alabama Crimson Tide at Mississippi State Bulldogs Open Game Thread

Game 10 in StarkVegas.

Bama hopes to give Nicky fits. (sorry, not sorry)
Bama hopes to give Nicky fits. (sorry, not sorry)
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Mississippi St. Bulldogs 7-2, 3-2 SEC

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Alabama Crimson Tide 9-0, 6-0 SEC

Get your ear plugs out. It's time for Clanga-clang! MSU fans ringing their cowbells has become pretty entrenched as a staple of college football. In a way, it is a little cool that it is their exclusive thing but if you really think about it, it is a lazy way to make noise. "Oh, Darlene. I don feel lahk standin up and clappin or hollerin for the Bullies today." "That's okay, Jimmy Joe John. Just shake this here cowbell I stole off-a ol' man McAlliford's cow."

GAME 10:

Saturday, November 11, 2017, 6pm/7pm ESPN - Dave Pasch and Greg McElroy with Tom Luginbill.

Davis Wade Stadium, Starkville, MS.

The Crimson Tide are a two touchdown favorite. The ESPN FPI gives the Tide an 81.7% chance of winning.

Alabama leads the series with MSU 81-17-3 and have won nine straight. This game will be the 102nd time these two teams have met, the most for any Alabama foe. Tennessee has faced Bama 100 times. The Crimson Tide has met Vandy 84 times, LSU 82 times and Auburn 81.

After a mediocre season last year (6-7), the Bullies have finally gotten over the loss of Dak Prescott with Nick Fitzgerald at QB. He is a big and fast signal caller who can run with the best of them and occasionally pass the ball to some effect. The Crimson Tide defense will need to find a way to corral this big fella. The MSU defense is seventh in the nation yielding 289.3 total ypg and 18.0 ppg (14th best).

The Bulldogs have won four straight after back-to-back hide-whuppins at the hands of UGA and Aubie, but had a struggle win against UMass last Saturday.

Today, we want to take a moment on Veterans Day to think of all our brave veterans and active duty personnel across the world who protect us, so the rest of us can sit on our keisters and watch a football on TV. This includes RBR's Head Gump-wrangler Erik Evans who served with the Marine Corps Cryptological Support Battalion, Company H. Thank you!
My father proudly served in the Navy as did an uncle and a couple of cousins. Tell us about your service or that of a family member.

It was a sunny day in StarkVegas with temperatures peaking in the mid 60s. By kickoff, it should drop to around 54° and could dip to 49° by the time the final whistle is blown. Perfect weather for players (or if you are sitting at home watching on the big screen). There is a 5% chance of rain and a 0% chance of a MSU win.

You know how to get the Open Game Threads going, right?