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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 11

Forgive me for being a day late due to studying for some SATs, but hope y’all enjoy. What a great weekend.

Catholics vs. Convicts, tight one in Starkville and Auburn rolls. Throw in some great laughs and you have the best weekend yet of CFB.

Best Quote

I was a good student, I just failed all the tests, projects, quizzes and homework.

The U (1/2)

I could easily have 20 of these in here, but I’ll be somewhat concise. Still can’t tell if that’s Ed Reed or just some dude off the streets though.

The U (2/2)

Momma made pizza rolls!

Butch Jones Fired

Very sad day for CFB. Unless you’re a Vols fan.

FB Lead For The Win

Who ever said the FB position was dead?

S&C Coaches

These coaches don’t scream Northwestern to me. Feel like they would be better suited in B12 or SEC country.

Down Go The Dogs

Gus isn’t used to big wins. You’ll get there though.

Gameday Sign

Rudy was offsides.

Surrender Cobra?

Not really but I had to throw this one in here.

EMU Buys Offbrand

Turnover Chain>Turnover Pipe>Trash Can

Thanks everybody for reading. Make sure to check me out on twitter @BobbyMKunz. Roll Tide!