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November 14 College Football Playoff Committee open thread and predictions

The third week of rankings will see some shakeups.

Rose Bowl - Oregon v Florida State Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Last week was not a good one to be in the Top 10: Three elite teams all lost, and did so badly. Georgia was down by 30 before getting a pity score at game’s end. Notre Dame was whacked by 33 in Coral Gables. Oklahoma jumped out to insane 38-point lead over TCU and won by three scores. Alabama...well, the Tide survived by the barest of margins.

So, tonight, there will be some shakeups, and you’ll likely see some teams vault several places and be within spitting distance of playoff contention. Here are our projections, as well as what we think about Auburn — and it’s eerie: there are no disagreements about the teams, and only one disagreement about placement.

CB: Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, Clemson (Wisconsin 5th, Auburn 6th)

Brent: Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, Clemson (Auburn 5th Wisconsin 6th)

Josh: Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, Clemson (Wisconsin 5th but should be 4th; Auburn 6th)

Erik: Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, Miami (Wisconsin 5th, Auburn 6th)

And, we all think that Georgia is 7th: Bad loss by ND coupled with a 4-score beating by the ‘Barn does that.

Chime in below. What are yours?

Show starts at 8:00 Central. Let’s go