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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 12

While I think we are all getting sad as the CFB regular season games come to an end, let’s look at some laughs from this week’s games.

Wet football games, UCLA-USC and lots of cold football. Let’s dive in at this week’s segment.

Coachs Quote

Coach O, never change.

Sad Kid

I’d be sad too if, year after year, the hype doesn’t equate to any on-field production.

Trick Play Alert!

If only UCLA could sniff out trick plays, maybe Jim Mora would still still be employed.

S&C Coach

He just keeps popping up.

Sideline Fun

Mississippi State is feelin’ it!

Baker Back At It

Getting publically tackled by 2 cops sure didn’t slow Baker down.

Holiday Season

Not even Thanksgiving yet!

Gameday Sign

Presentated without comment.

Wisconsin Football

Nothing else like it. Those OLs pulling though...

Meme Of The Week

Wow, that’s a great tweet.

Kicker Hit!

Kicker hits and fat guy touchdowns, two great things about CFB.

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