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Rivalry Week College Football Playoff Committee rankings and open thread

What changed after Creampuff Saturday?

Mercer v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There was little-to-no movement after a weekend of tasty, tasty cupcakes -- at least for the contenders. There was some movement towards the middle and bottom of the CFP Committee’s rankings that bolster or weaken the case for some contenders.

For example, Purdue and Northwestern won again to help Wisconsin’s case against teams with a winning record. Beating then-ranked Michigan helped too. Meanwhile, the ‘Cuse lost again, making Clemson’s loss look all the more dreadful -- they were completely outclassed against a 4-7 Orange. Iowa also lost again, making Ohio State’s 40-point beating by the 6-5 Hawkeyes also appear worse.

Josh: No change. Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, Clemson (Wisconsin 5th but should be 4th; Auburn 6th)

CB: No change from the committee, but personally I have it: Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami, Clemson, Wisconsin Auburn.

Brent: I’m gonna’ change it up and say Alabama, Miami, Oklahoma, Wisconsin

Erik: No change from last week’s prediction: Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, Miami (Wisconsin 5th, Auburn 6th). They’ll let Oklahoma in, and then: the ACCCG, and the B1GCG sort out three of these four, with the Iron Bowl Winner-Georgia game deciding the fourth spot.

Do us a solid:

After you’re done with football for the evening, check out Parker’s Bama Basketball Breakdown and then mosey on over to SEC-Network and our gamethread. This is a quality home opponent for our No. 22-ranked Men’s Basketball program (it’s fun typing that.)