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EHHHG BOW’ & NFL FOOTBALL OPEN THREAD: Have some hate for supper

The one college game of the day is a doozy.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Oddly, one of the games I’ve been most looking forward to this year is between two programs I’m largely indifferent towards: the Thanksgiving Egg Bowl.

This has always been one of the nastiest rivalries going, and rarely is the game a close one, but over the past few years, the stakes have been raised. To call this intrastate showdown acrimonious, would do a disservice to the word. These towns, these fans, these schools, the programs truly hate one another (Check out #EggBowlTwitter if you want the worst of the internet.) That seething anger was ratcheted up several hundred degrees with Narc Dan Mullen and his boys turning state’s evidence against Hoin’ Hugh and the Oxford Coterie of Corruption. A move that may very well backfire against the Bulldogs, according to some.

For Ole Miss, it is another audition for interim coach, Matt Luke, an alum who has dealt with injuries, scholarship reductions and a voluntary bowl ban to lead the Rebels to respectability. It’s a chance to make the season. After getting blasted by the Tide and Auburn, Ole Miss has been quietly pretty good against quality divisional opponents. For ‘State, it’s a chance to kick a rival when he’s down...and keep kicking. MSU has been exceptional at home this year (UMass aside,) and they are capable of ringing up a big number. Don’t think for a second that if they get a chance they won’t make Ole Miss bite the curb. This also has the potential to be emotional, as Dan Mullen’s name has been associated with several open (and opening) jobs. This could be the last time he gets to hear the dulcet sound of cowbells in celebration of his accomplishments.

So, pull up a chair and bask in the hate. Feel free to drop some takes on the NFL too. One of the reassuring things in life is that Detroit is always around in their gorgeous blue and silver kit to welcome the start of the Holiday Season.

Ole Miss at No. 14 Mississippi State (-14.5)

6:30 Central, Starkville, MS