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Iron Bowl second half open thread

Alabama 7- Auburn 10

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I hate it all.

But, all things considered, only being down 3 points at half despite the way Auburn started the game and the mounting injuries to Tide linebackers is actually pretty good.

The Tide offense has been a little odd. Damien Harris hasn’t seen the field since the first drive and the running game seems to be solely dedicated to designed QB runs. Outside of a fake power sweep that turned into a 45 yard TD bomb to Jerry Jeudy, Alabama’s drives have all ended in punts and one awful fumble.

The defense has given up some yards, but all in all has held up to stop the Auburn offense more often than not. If they can keep this pace and Brian Daboll can figure out how to get the offense in a rhythm, they should be able to take home the W.

Roll Tide, and make sure you give us all your superstitions to get this one.