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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments - Farewell Issue

Last week of regular season CFB is done, and I would love to thank y’all so much for reading. Let’s dive into this last issue.

The biggest week of college football has just ended - rivalry week. What a great week and even better is that we have started the early stages of coaching carousel. Let’s get to it.

Ed. Note: It was most definitely NOT a great week

Best Quote

You know I had to end it on a Mike Leach quote.

Smile For The Camera

Put this in a museum.

C’mon Man..

First Baker, now this. What is it with that stuff down low man.

In-state Blood.

Football = life.

LSU Band

Odell Beckham Jr. told the LSU band he would pay the fine. Most badass thing I’ve ever seen. Now just #FreeDixielandDelight.

Auburn Is Lit

Sorry Bama fans, but this is just too hype.

Bold Move, Urban.

**Queues Liam Nesson Taken GIF**


Rednecks man...


Be patient, Cornhuskers fans.

Gameday Sign

Props to this guy.

Tennessee Fans

I could put about 1000 different tweets here, but this right here just shows how hardcore these fans are.

Thank you guys all very much for following this ongoing series all year. Follow me @BobbyMKunz and Roll Tide.