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Championship Week College Football Playoff Committee Rankings and Open Thread

There’s a lot to sweat over tonight.

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Michigan State vs Alabama
Will Alabama get the chance to earn this ugly trophy again?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in a few years, Alabama is sweating out the weekly release of the CFP Committee rankings. There is some reason for hope though that the Tide can make it in with a little luck: Alabama has dropped to 5th in most polls, S&P still has Alabama number one by a wide margin. Sagarin has Alabama first, as well. Vegas has dropped the Tide’s chances to run the table — but just to even money. Likewise, even money prediction has Alabama still snagging the last spot.

So, we wait. And we hope that Alabama is not dropped behind two-loss Ohio State or TCU.

Here are our projections for tonight’s committee results, in rank order (not our end-of-season predictions):

Brent: Clemson, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Auburn (no call on ‘Bama’s ranking)

CB: Clemson, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Auburn (‘Bama 5, UGA 6)

Josh: Clemson, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Auburn (UGA 5, ‘Bama 6)

Erik: Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn, Wisconsin (‘Bama 5, UGA 6 — but Josh and I think Clemson and OU should be switched, with the Sooners getting the top slot.)

So, feel free to get angsty with the keyboard: Showtime in 20 minutes