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Jumbo Package: “Very little separation” — the worst phrase of the week

But, you get some bonus Return of the King analogies

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff-Selection Sunday Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Slow day today...that happens when there’s not a game to breakdown. If you need me, I’ll be sobbing in the corner. Meanwhile, the only real news of note is what was said (and not said) by the CFP Committee -- and it’s likely not good for Alabama. So, you may be joining me in this corner in a little bit.

Committee Chair Kirby Hocutt (Nitwit-Texas Tech) described the difference between teams vying for the last spot as having “very little separation.” That’s if you take him at his word. This year’s committee statements have had less internal consistency than usual, likely because they can’t or won’t just say that they’d prefer to have geographic diversity. thinks that’s bad news for Alabama (again, assuming Hocutt is telling the truth.) They’re probably right. I’m not quite ready to declare that “Alabama needs a miracle” however. An improbable TCU win would do it. An incredibly terribly played game by OSU in a win over Wisconsin might do it as well (and, I suspect this is the more likely one.)

There is no doubt that Alabama has had some bad breaks this year; most of which were out of its hands -- Tennessee, Arkansas and FSU imploding has taken what should be a no-brainer and turned it into an 11th hour wait for a clemency call from the Governor.

Fitzmagic got a nice little reward for being a good human. Having been a Lott IMPACT Award finalist the past two season, Minkah Fitzpatrick was named to the SEC’s Football Community Service team (corporate sponsors are going to love him.)

Meanwhile, for the third straight season, Alabama’s offensive line has been nominated for the unit-wide Joe Moore Award, a monstrous trophy it brought home in 2015. I’d probably give it to Oklahoma or Notre Dame, though Notre Dame was left off their official list and replaced with Auburn.

Ronnie Clark is getting some love too, being named as a nominee for the Capital One Orange Bowl/FWAA Courage Award. Give it to him, say we. And, as a member of the FWAA, I get to put my ballot where my heart lies on this one.

Not much for the ole’ JP today.

This is the anxious pause before the plunge -- the silence that descended upon the Fields of Pelennor as the Rohirrim came to relieve the city of Minas Tirith. Sunday is our red day, our sword day. Then, we ride for ruin and the world’s ending.*

Anyway, we’ve got some more stuff coming later. Just...not now :P

*I promise I have kissed a real live girl