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Taking Stock: Best College Football Moments From Week 10

A very, very fun week of College Football can’t go without some greats laughs. Let’s look in at the best ones.

Big time upsets, big time playa and lots of sad fans. Did I mention we had our first snow game? Yeah, this college football week was fun.

Best Coaches Quote

Not exactly a quote, but what a gesture from James Franklin. Pure class.

Free Ticket Upgrades

Woo Pig!

The U is Back

Miami is winning, and having fun with it. This is good for CFB.

Down Goes OSU

Have a day, Iowa.

Shirtless LSU Fan

Remember when LSU used to celebrate wins? They celebrate TDs now.

Snow Football

Everybody loves a good ole snow game.


Presentated without comment.

Helmet to Helmet...Ouch

Woah, that looks like it hurt.

Mountain Men

Where does the beard start? Does he have a hat on? So many questions.


Pac-12 belongs after dark, not during the day.

Surrender Cobra

You knew Bedlam would have to make this post.

Gameday Sign

A+ work.

Ring on Every Finger

Roll Tide.