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Jumbo Package: Do mounting injuries on Tide defense threaten to derail season?

It’s been a terrible year for injury luck -- and it’s starting to take a toll.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama
Alabama will miss SDH down the stretch
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There are oddly specific accusations in a report about a memorabilia fraud and forgery ring under investigation with the FBI. Specifically, it is alleged that Marquis Johnson took a meager amount of cash to solicit other players to come to Alabama, and to sign autographs. The statute of limitations have run in any event, but it’s a bad look. Fortunately, they’re mitigated greatly by the fact the story comes from, you know, a hustler. I’ll wait until we get some actual evidence.

For Alabama fans, the meat of the allegations are as follows (full story in internal link):

The former Alabama cornerback [Marquis Johnson] was accused in a Sports Illustrated story of taking money for signing autographs in 2009. It alleged he helped recruit other Alabama players to sign items for two memorabilia dealers while accepting $200.

Johnson, now working in sales in Atlanta, was stunned by it all.

"First and foremost," he told, "I didn't take any money, man."

Johnson also shared a screenshot of a text message exchange he says is with one of the two memorabilia dealers who the report alleges paid Johnson. The response from Adam Bollinger acknowledges Johnson never accepted money. The conversation could not be independently confirmed but reached out to Bollinger for comment.

Injuries, a problem all season, are mounting, and national folks are finally starting to take notice.

Mostly, the attention is in the form of “Auburn is the best team either Georgia or Alabama will face, and the Tigers could not only derail those seasons, but could make a playoff case for themselves.” (No, they won’t, even if they run the table.)

What happens in Alabama’s (literally) patented Gimp Tent? Here’s a look.

The Gimp Tent got far too much work on Saturday night in the season’s most physical test to date (isn’t it always.) Minkah Fitzpatrick was spotted at practice yesterday with his hamstring was that of his replacement, Tony Brown. FML.

More on the injury front here.

-- Defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick was spotted on the field Monday. He was wearing a support apparatus on the back of his injured left hamstring. Saban said earlier this afternoon that Fitzpatrick wasn't going to practice Monday. So, the junior defender may have just been warming up. Fitzpatrick's replacement at the Star position, Tony Brown, also appeared limited with a hamstring injury.

Dreamy Lane outchea’ tweetin’ about backdoor covers...involving his own team. Yikes

I’m sick of seeing these jerks. Alabama soccer earned its third NCAA tourney bid, where they will face...the Clemson Tigers.

JK Scott, the LSU MVP, was duly recognized by the SEC for his game-changing leg on Saturday night. Scott hit 8 punts for over 400 yards and a 51.6-yard average. For the season, he has allowed just two punt return yards. Ronnie Harrison, a man possessed, was also named the SEC’s Defensive Player of the Week.

Finally, although we covered the exhibition opener against a surprisingly-game UAH team, here is some more information on Collin Sexton and Braxton Key. We’re all holding our breath on the NCAA for an eligibility determination for Sexton. Key’s injury requires minor meniscus surgery and shouldn’t keep him sidelined too long, probably will be available for the Tide’s bigger OOC tests at the end of the calendar year.