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BREAKING: Collin Sexton will sit one game, but is eligible for 2017-2018

Heeeee’s back.


All along, sources inside Alabama had signaled that stud PG Collin Sexton had been largely swept up in the ongoing FBI probe of college basketball corruption and fraud. But, we were assured, his wrongdoing, if any, was limited and would not affect his eligibility. As late as Monday, we were still hearing that the university was waiting on a determination, but that no drastic action was expected.

Trust the other Process. All was as it seemed. Collin Sexton will miss one game for a minor infraction, but he is eligible for Tuesday night’s contest versus Lipscomb.

This pivotal season has been salvaged, and the Tide’s program-changer will be on campus. Chalk one up for Alabama’s proactive compliance department, the very best in the nation, and immediate aggressive action by Greg Byrne and Avery Johnson. last.