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Jimbo Fisher out at FSU, weasels his way west to Aggieland

That was not the best ending...or beginning.

Florida State v Clemson Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Jimbo Fisher will break your heart. Whether you want to hire him, and he hijacks your coaching search, or you wanted a straight answer from him to save your season and, more importantly, your recruiting class. He will break your heart.

Today has been a bit manic, to say the least. Between real-world indictments, a simmering $1.5-trillion dollar tax battle on the Hill, Ole Miss’ sanctions and Tennessee’s palace coup and coaching search disaster. So, forgive us if this one got caught in the mosh.

As has been rumored since practically September, Jimbo Fisher has decided to take his indecisive shtick to College Station, replacing the ousted Kevin Sumlin. The Ags, already a great recruiting team, will likely become more of a player for Texas and coastal talent that Alabama and LSU annually duel over. And, yes, the Aggies strength and condition will likely improive: they will be a more physical team. But, we’re on record here with respect to Jimbo’s underperforming track record at Florida State, that in terms of Xs and Os, the Aggies may not see an improvement that translates to additional wins over Sumlin’s ledger sheet.

So, forgive us if we don’t celebrate this hire, at least in terms of PR for the conference. It’s not that Jimbo relocated that has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth; it’s how Fisher left. To say he’s been a disingenuous weasel disrespects the noble stoat.

For the last month, Fisher has checked out on his team. Just three hours before he made his decision, players expressed their discontent with Fisher -- some even vowing to transfer if he stayed. Worse if you’re FSU or the student athletes, he hasn’t even contacted those recruits in a montheven as commitments were dropping like flies: three decommits just yesterday, in fact; four in a week. His tenure in Aggieland, and that first class at A&M, may very well be off to a rocky start, as Fisher will undoubtedly be questioned about his exit; an exit that didn’t see him so much as send a text to his team.

You got your man, A&M. But this isn’t an answer by itself; the questions are only beginning.