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College Football Playoff rankings open thread


Mercer v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


It’s time folks.

In about one hour we learn the Crimson Tide’s fate. I wish we could be in the room to tell the committee that it’s not about precedent or their manufactured weekly justifications -- it’s about one thing: picking the four best teams in the country. And, seriously, there is no one in this country who believes that Ohio State would defeat Alabama on a neutral field. If that’s the dispositive question, and it is, then this should be a slam dunk.

Ignore ESPN and Klatt and others with clicks and ads to sell (including me, I guess!) Journalists and editorialists aren’t making this decision. Athletic directors, SIDs, former coaches, former players — those who know the game, are making the decision.

We (finally) have a unanimous editorial opinion. All four us believe that the order will be (and should be): 1. Clemson 2. Oklahoma 3. Georgia 4. Alabama. We also believe Ohio State and Auburn are teams 5 and 6 (and only Josh has that order reversed, putting the Buckeyes 6th.)

So, one more song to take us out. Leave your thoughts below: