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Special Meltdown: CFP Selection Edition

#Madonline is highly contagious and it could happen to you.

Big Ten Championship - Ohio State v Wisconsin
He preemptively mad here
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

You heard it here first: the College Football Playoff Committee selects Alabama over Ohio State for the final spot in the rankings and folks online got mad. This may shock you, but the media was more vocally outraged than even the Ohio State and USC fans.

Remember in 2011 when Alabama won the national championship after not even winning their division? The college football world said ok enough, we need to make a system where Alabama can’t play for the national championship if they don’t win their division.

Then they completely redesign the championship system to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Then the committee selects two SEC teams, one being an Alabama team that didn’t win their division, and the world got mad. I’ve compiled that madness here for you because you deserve it.

The language is bad and these folks’ moms are awfully ashamed of them. Proceed with caution.

If the Trojans scheduled Mercer at home instead of Notre Dame in South Bend we’d be in the playoff, or maybe we should drop the UCLA match every year idk I’m not an ad

YOU [fool]: expand the playoff to 6 or 8 teams ME [visionary]: give the committee discretion to decide the size + structure of the playoff annually

All the reverence for protocol and winning conference titles ended Sunday when the committee gave a big, wet, sloppy kiss to Nick Saban and the reputation of his program, not the team he put on the field this year.

Don’t reference Ohio State last season, which got in as the Big Ten representative despite losing the head-to-head matchup and division title to Penn State. It’s not comparable.

Why are we even keeping score if Bama is just gonna get in the CFP every year?

Welcome to "Whose CFB Playoff Is It Anyway" the selection process where everything's made up and the rationales from week to week and year to year don't matter.

the CFB Playoff committee has told usYr 1 - Championships and 13 data point (sorry Baylor and TCU)Yr 2 - Head 2 Head and Championship (sorry Ohio State)Yr 3 - Resume and Good wins (sorry Penn State)Yr 4 - Just because (sorry Ohio State and USC)

My biggest beef with TCU potentially being snubbed of a NY6 altogether is essentially you get punished for making your conference title game. Meanwhile, Washington gets rewarded for not even making their title game in a FAR weaker PAC 12 conference.

“The 13 people in the room made a statement today”. That statement is that your conference championship doesn’t matter and can hurt you more than help you. Good job adding that back in, Big 12.

I am not saying USC should be in, but looking at their choices

Alabama gets in on a resume that includes one top 20 win, Wisconsin has the same resume and is #6

Ohio st gets bumped on a bad loss to Iowa, but the team with the worse top 10 loss to Syracuse is #1

Anybody with a real eyeball test would see there is one team with a good quarterback who also has the best resume but they are not #1

Herby can’t believe it

The Big Lead: Alabama in the Playoff Over Ohio State: The Day College Football Died

The committee sent a firm message: Conference Championships don’t matter. That’s two years in a row that the Big 10 champ has been denied.

Schedules don’t matter, either. Ohio State had a better resume, hands down. Better strength of schedule. More quality wins.None of that matters.The committee just let everyone know: They’re going to take who they want, regardless of what your body of work said. The SEC rules – even though it doesn’t – and that’s a big problem for college football going forward.


Joel Klatt has some thoughts.

Alabama could have lost twice and still walked in. Hey guys here’s your invite! Please come again next year

The Lies: Regular season matters Conference championship matters Strength of schedule matters

The Facts: SEC gets automatic bid/favored status “Unequivocally better” means “we think so but have no idea” Criteria is written so committee can explain any away choice they make

If Ohio State plays Akron instead of Oklahoma and USC plays UNLV instead of Notre Dame, the debate centers on them and Alabama is 6th.

The committee judged 2017 Alabama on 2009-2016 Alabama.

At least now there will be less beatings from trailer trash @AlabamaFTBL fans to their wife/sister. #noClass #worstState @OhioStateFB #CFBPlayoff #thugLand #ncaa #trailertrashState

i know! they should come up with a ranking system based on a combination of polls and computer selection methods to determine relative team rankings. this will eliminate the inherent bias of a selection committee and will end all controversy.

It wouldn’t be the playoff without the Big Ten being shut out.

Before this goes too far remember my 55 point case against Ohio State making the playoff

How you guys can root for anything but failure for the people of Alabama as they prepare to elect a child molester is beyond me.

Be auburn. Beat your rivals. Watch one win an SEC title and the other a national title anyway. The perfect tortured fan base expereince

Looks like there’s not a damn thing a group of 5 team can do to get in teh playoff because Bama bias.

If you can’t even win your own conference why are you rewarded with a shot at the Natty? Win your conference and move on. The NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA men’s hoops ALL adhere to this philosophy.