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Jumbo Package: The next Jonathan Allen?

We could give you five guesses and you’d still not name him.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Washington v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Of all the the names being circulated in the “who can be the next Jonathan Allen,” I’d be willing to bet no one had RS Freshman Quinnen Williams in the mix. Yet, he is impressing as Spring ball nears. Definitely a name to keep an eye on. Even being mentioned in the same breath with an Alabama all-timer is a helluva’ compliment.

The next Jonathan Allen? Alabama redshirt freshman 'pleasant surprise' as scout-team monster |

Speaking of impressing, after a year lacking many true great tailbacks, the SEC will again be loaded at one of its premiere positions this season. Alabama will lead the way with Bo Scarbrough, Damien Harris, B.J. Emmons, Joshua Jacobs, Najee Harris and Brian Robinson. What a ridiculous wealth of talent, though other teams are in very good shape, notably the usual suspects: LSU, Auburn, Georgia. Toss in Texas A&M and Ole Miss as having surprisingly competent backfields.

The 2017 season could be another big one for SEC running backs - SEC Blog- ESPN

Super Bowl got you bummed out? Well, it’s not for the lack of Julio Jones’ play — perhaps the Failcons should have given him more than four targets, eh, since he had four receptions for 87 yards, including one of the highlight reel variety?

Check out Julio Jones' top 10 plays from the 2016 NFL season |

Oh, look! Another Bellichik guy is being mentioned! Seriously, at this point, I think Saban is looking for someone long-term who can run the pro-spread and not make moony-eyes at every HC opening the next 2-3 years. The Pats have an explosive offense, that is without question, but they’ve largely done so with placeholders at tailback. I think we’d rather see a run-first identity rather than yet another team that throws to set up the running game. But, I’m not Nick Saban or The Hoodie, so for now I’ll defer to their acumen in identifying talented up-and-comers.

Add another NFL name to Alabama's offensive coordinator search: reports |

The answer to the question below is “no, but...” The field will generally win out over one conference. But, the very top of the SEC is in its own league relative to the talent it draws yearly.

Let’s make 2017 recruit all-star teams for the SEC and everyone else. Which side wins? -

I would really, really like to see this. The G5 deserves its own playoff; the P5 simply play an entirely different level of football. And, so long as some really great teams are getting shut out of the playoffs and New Year’s Six, why not let them use the bowls as elimination tourneys and then see who’s the cream of the mid-majors? I don’t like, and never favored, the playoffs. But, since they are here, use their powers for good, ya’ know?

Group of Five football playoff idea is not going away despite myriad obstacles -

That’s about it for today. I’m off for another round of dental surgery. Go forth to evil, or go troll that absent-minded racist uncle on Facebook who gets all of your news from InfoWars — unless, of course, you are the absent-minded Racist Uncle on Facebook who gets all of your news from InfoWars, and, hell, we may just get you elected President!

I shouldn’t have typed that, but I’m going to leave it, since it more makes fun of me/you/us.

Finally, we have a lot of Bama sports coming up later in the week: Gym Iron Bowl, softball, baseball -- the Spring sports are definitely kicking in, along with a creeping warmth that can only mean one thing: summer’s approach and a six-month long prayer for death begins!