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Crootin' Flashback: Video Anthology of Da'Shawn Hand’s High School Senior Year and Recruiting Process

The Journey of Alabama Crimson Tide’s Hand

Da'Shawn Hand
2013 Crootin’ Flashback: the day Da'Shawn Hand first said “Roll Tide!”

With the Crimson Tide’s Da'Shawn Hand on the verge of breakout stardom in Tuscaloosa, I thought it might be interesting to look back at his recruiting process.

Back in 2013, the Washington Post did an excellent video anthology of Da'Shawn Hand’s senior season at Woodbridge High School (VA). You can see all 13 episodes at their website. Most episodes run around 7-10 minutes, except for the finale which is a much watch for Tide fans. Here are the final three episodes if you don’t want to watch the whole series:

Episode 11: Hype and heartache (9:55)

Episode 12: Down to the wire (9:24)

Episode 13: Shock the world (13:12)