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Reuben Foster Sent Home From Combine After Argument with Hospital Worker

Well, this is weird.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Former Alabama LB and projected top 10 pick Reuben Foster, who was not going to participate in drills anyway as he recovers from rotator cuff surgery, was sent home from the NFL Combine yesterday after getting into what has been deemed a “heated argument” with a hospital worker:

NFL officials are reviewing the procedures that contributed to the incident to see if they can make improvements and ensure it doesn't happen again, per league sources.

Another league source said there was a "miscommunication" that allowed the argument between Foster and a hospital worker to escalate.

Foster had been waiting for an extended period for what the NFL calls his "pre-exam", when he grew increasingly impatient and began questioning a hospital worker.

The hospital worker did not take kindly to Foster's words and eventually the two were face to face, in a heated exchange.

This is an odd story, to say the least.

The immediate concern is Reuben’s health. Friday was physical exam day for all of the linebacker prospects, to be followed by the bench press event today and drills tomorrow. It appears that he left without being examined.

General frustration may have been a contributing factor. His interview portion reportedly didn’t go as he’d hoped:

That doesn’t sound good.

Reuben won’t have to wait long to explain himself to prospective employers. They will all be in Tuscaloosa for Pro Day on Wednesday. Hopefully he can put this behind him.