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WATCH: Top-5 Plays in Alabama Football History: Tecmo Super Bowl-Style

A double-dip of nostalgia and greatness.

Antonio Langham

Tecmo Super Bowl is over 20 years old now. For those who grew up with it, there were few games as addictive or iconic as Tecmo. In its wake, Tecmo caused lost sleep in marathon weekends, bragging rights in family round-robins, and friendship-killing tournaments. For gamers and meme-makers, it is legendary — from the unblockable Bruce Smith, to the nigh-unstoppable Bo Jackson, to a Tim Brown that is so fast he left DBs 25 yards behind him in the open field.

Eight plays. That was all you got. But, oh, were those eight plays wonderful (except the Redskins playbook. Blech.)

So, imagine our boundless joy when we received this double-dip of nostalgia: Readers of had earlier voted on the five best plays in Alabama football history. Then, one of our readers, Kyle Mac, took those five plays a step further — he simulated them on Tecmo. The results will give you thrills of reminiscence and chills of Gumpiness.

Please enjoy.

Our very special thanks to Kyle. You can see his YouTube Channel here. And he’s on the twitter machine at @KyleMcVideo.

Give him a follow and some traffic. Roll Tide.