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BREAKING: NCAA hands down light penalties in Bo Davis case

Alabama gets relatively light penalties for Bo Davis’ impermissible contact with recruits

NCAA Football: Alabama-A Day Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer we found out that Bo Davis was bumping more guys than United on Thanksgiving weekend, and there were reservations about how deep and pervasive the impermissible contacts went. When Saban found out, he gave Davis the quick hook and Alabama was fully cooperative, self-reporting to both the league and the NCAA.

The NCAA has concluded its investigation and found that Alabama’s Davis behaved unethically, in collusion with a Texas booster, in making contacts during prohibited times with four Lone Star recruits.

As a result, Davis (who had been previously disciplined for a similar offense) was given a two-year show-cause. He is currently the line coach at UTSA, but that job is certain to be withdrawn from him. For Davis, this will effectively put his career on ice for two years.

Alabama, meanwhile, got away fairly lightly — as they should. The school was given an official reprimand and censure (a public scolding,) fined $5,000, Carl Dunbar (Davis’ replacement as DL coach) had a few hours of contact removed, and the Tide must disassociate with the Texas booster in question. There were no probationary periods, no loss of scholarships, no eligibility issues: The NCAA apparently concluded that this was the actions of a rogue booster in cahoots with a coach going behind the backs of the football staff to secure extra face time with a prospect and did not represent a systemic issue with compliance or monitoring.

This will wrap up the Davis non-saga, and undoubtedly make the rest of the SEC apoplectic with Cheatin’ Bammer takes (despite all evidence to the contrary that this is a clean program.) Still, it was not optimal to lose a great coach, one popular with the players, and excellent recruiter.

That said, celebrate. It’s a good day in Tuscaloosa. The full story is here.